The PALLS Volunteers 2015

PALLS has a strong tradition of attracting excellent volunteers to support the work within the centre and this year has seen a substantial increase in the number of volunteers working within the service.

Support for the volunteers within PALLS was identified as a key goal for 2015. As a result a number of new initiatives have been introduced to ensure a quality experience for volunteers within the service

  • Donna Flannery has taken on the role of volunteer co-ordinator and attended Volunteer Management Training with Volunteer Ireland
  • A volunteer policy and induction pack has been devised for PALLS
  • A volunteer application form has been introduced to ensure each volunteer’s skills are used to full effect within PALLS and matched to the needs of the centre
  • Volunteers are now represented in all activities and training within PALLS where possible

Achievements in 2015
4 volunteers joined the staff in the centre for Data Protection Training
2 volunteers joined the staff and participants for First Aid Training in the centre
3 volunteers provided input into the PALLS strategic planning process
7 volunteers attended the Volunteer Training Session and Lunch to celebrate National Volunteer Week 2015
1 volunteer has attended Restorative Justice Facilitator Training with Le Cheile
4 volunteers attended the mini conference “Using your Brain to Beat Drugs” which was run in PALLS on June 12th 2015
12 individuals volunteered with PALLS in 2015 and the organisation is very grateful for their continued support. They include
DonnaDonna Flannery – Administration and project worker support
PatPat Fitzpatrick – Support worker/Cook-it Tutor
AshAshling Mc Grory Art student for the Horse Project

TaraTara Keegan Art student for the Horse Project
CarolineCaroline Ni Dorin – Project Worker Support (LIT Student Placement)
SeanSean O Connell – Project Worker Support (UCC Student Placement)
NadineNadine O Donoghue – Project Worker Support (LIT Student Placement)
MichaelMichael Sheahan – Maths tutor
photoMou Sultana – Counsellor
Diane Reidy – Pottery Tutor