The PALLS Horse Project

The Palls Horse Project was a joint venture between PALLS, the Limerick Corridor Art Programme and students from the Limerick School of Art and Design.

Ms Angela Connelly of the Limerick Corridor Art Programme and students Ashling Mc Grory and Tara Keegan volunteered their time and creativity to enable the men in PALLS to complete this project.

The men developed the idea of a colour gradient to visually set the story from difficult times in their lives to joy. We trek from the dark stormy effect (the past) at the back of the horse, to the rays of sunshine along the neck (the present and future). The inner thoughts of one man, spoken in a rap, is transcribed onto the horse and we see at the top hands breaking free, this symbolises new beginnings and represents a mark of hope. Limerick Sport, The Milford Tree and some of the men’s children’s hand printings, are all included. On the neck there is a collar of gratitude, thanking different organisations for the work they have done to guide the men to the light. The chest of the horse is a marking of ownership and pride. Here we have the Coat of Arms of the Palls members involved; this unites all the members together as a team.

The PALLS Horse currently resides in the Peoples Park as a gift to the people of Limerick from the men in PALLS

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