PALLS  is an education and training center which provides individual support for purposeful change for people involved with the Probation Service and the criminal justice system.

The project works with men & women over the age of 23 who are clients of the Probation Service. PALLS supports women in addiction through the Helping Women Recover Programme (HWR), men and women on temporary release from Limerick Prison through the Community Support Scheme (CSS)  and female prisoners through the PALLS Art Therapy Programme and has a Drug Rehabilitation CE Scheme.

Palls provides a supportive & safe space for participants to:

Think about their circumstances and to come to decisions about their personal future direction

Learn a range of skills that strengthen participant’s self-development and prospect’s for positive personal progression.

Participate in a community where they can learn, engage in team activities and share responsibility for their own outcomes.

Establish the connections and access pathways they need to pursue plans for a future without crime