PALLS expanded in 2012 to include a gender specific women’s project entitled Helping Women Recover. This project is funded jointly by the Mid-West Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum (MWRDAF) and the HSE and is delivered through an interagency governance structure within PALLS. Strategic partners for the delivery of this project include: Adapt House Women’s Refuge, The Limerick Rape Crisis Centre, The Mid-West Regional Drug and Alcohol forum, The HSE Drug and Alcohol Service, Slainte, Ana Liffey Drug and Alcohol Project, The Probation Service.

Helping Women Recover (HWR) delivers two programmes to women in Limerick

The Helping Women Recover Programme

This is a 24 week programme for women in early recovery from addiction.

The Low Threshold Drop-In Programme

This programme runs 2 hours per week and is co-delivered by PALLS and the Ana Liffey Drug and Alcohol project.