The PALLS Drug Rehabilitation CE Scheme commenced in December 2015. Funded by the Department of Social Protection, this scheme targets individuals in recovery from addiction. 13 participants are employed by the scheme in a host of organizations around the city. The scheme is overseen by Sharon Connolly

A newly appointed Steering Committee has been established within PALLS to oversee the management of the CE scheme, chaired by the coordinator of the Mid West Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum (MWRDAF). All the key services in Limerick City are represented on the steering committee including Ana Liffey Drug Project, Saoirse, Slainte, CSMT, the HSE, the MWRDAF, the Probation Service, Bedford Row Family Project, The Northstar Family Support Project, the Limerick and Clare ETB and Novas Initiatives.

An intensive system of key worker support has been put in place for each CE participant, led by a HSE devised Individual Care Plan. This CE Scheme is a natural progression route for many PALLS participants.